Trần Thị Phương Thanh


  1. Graduate:

Type of education: full-time program

Name of university: The University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city

Major: accounting

Country of education: Vietnam                              Year of graduation: 2007

  1. Post-graduate
  • Master, Discipline: Accounting Year of issuing diploma: 2013

Name of university: The University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city

  • Dissertation title: Solution for building legal framework of fair value in Vietnamese companies
3. Foreign language: 1. English


Level: IELTS 6.5




Time Employer Indicated duty
2007 – 2008 KPMG Ho Chi Minh city Auditing Assistant
2008 – Present University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city Lecturer
  2. Study projects completed and on-going:
TT Project name Starting and ending year Project level  (State, Ministry, Province, university) Responsibility in project
1 Application of fair value in recognition and disclosure of some items on Vietnam company financial statement 2013 university member
  1. Published scientific reports/papers:
TT Name Year of publication Journal
1 Discussing the fair value model and the applicability in the corporate accounting system in Vietnam 2014 SOA 2014 Proceedings:

Financial accounting – Changes and the developing trend in the integration process.

2 Positive accounting: development trend in accounting research in Vietnam. 2016 SOA 2014 Proceedings
3 Regulations relating to lease accounting in Vietnam and worldwide 2016 SOA 2016 Proceedings
4 Relationship between choice of biology asset measurement method and usefulness of financial reporting information 2017 ESR 2017 Proceedings

ISBN: 978-604-922-479-9

5 A review of Accounting Research trends in the world 2017 ICBE 2017 Proceedings

ISSN: 2287-478X

6 A review of positive accounting: research trends in the world and ability of development in Vietnam 2018 BAASANA 2018 Proceedings
7 Conceptual framework version 2018 – Key changes and challenges when applying in practice 2018 SOA 2018 Proceedings
8 Valuation methods of biological assets according to IAS 41: some implications for Vietnam 2019 ICAFB 2019 Proceedings
9 Value relevance of biological assets under IFRS in Asian nations 2019 International Conference on Business and Finance (ICBF) 2019 Proceedings

ISBN: 978-604-922-764-6

10 The Effects of Electronic Voluntary Disclosure on the Stock Price and an Orientation of XBRL adoption in Vietnam 2019 VCAA 2019 Proceedings

ISBN: 978-604-80-4348-3

11 Asset measurement methods in subsequence recognition under IFRS regulations – comparison with Vietnam’s accounting regulations 2019 SOA 2018 Proceedings
12 Solutions to raise awareness about the usefulness of lifelong learning in the context of the 4th industrial revolution 2020 Conference on Universities with the development and implementation of the model “citizen learning” – Vietnam Study Promotion Association cooperates with the Ministry of Education and Training
13 Determining challenges of biological asset disclosure for the sustainable development: implications for Vietnam 2020 GG.CGD2020 – National Conference on Green Growth: Corporate Governance and Development

ISBN: 978-604-9963-46-9